Getting a Registered Address Service in Singapore

registered address service in singapore

Getting a registered address is a legal requirement. It can also be an economical way to manage your mailing and shipping needs. You can get a registered address service in Singapore through the Ministry of Manpower. The Ministry of Manpower, which is responsible for labour policies and matters in Singapore, will need your new address for your Employment Pass, S Pass, and Work Permit. Besides, the ACRA maintains records of registered addresses in Singapore. It is important to coordinate with these government agencies for a successful mailing address change.

Virtual office address is a good practice

In Singapore, it is a legal requirement for businesses to have a registered address. This address is crucial for a number of reasons. First of all, the government is not allowed to let people use their homes as their offices, so you need to ensure that you have a local address. Second, you need to make sure that you can receive important mail. This mail could include reminders for upcoming annual filings, policy changes, or a new government scheme. This is where a virtual registered office address comes in handy.

Using a virtual office address in Singapore can also benefit your marketing efforts. For example, if your company is in the financial district, a central address in the city can convey the image of a healthy, thriving business. Also, having a central location makes it easy for clients to find you. Some of the best places in Singapore to find a virtual office address include Robinson Road, Shenton Way, Battery Road, Clarke Quay, and North Bridge Road.

It’s a legal requirement

Registering your company in Singapore has many benefits. Not only will it provide a legal address, but registered addresses are used by various regulatory bodies and government departments. Often, these entities will send mail to your business address, including reminders about annual filing, new government policies, and new incentives. It is also helpful for online payment gateways. Registering your company in Singapore is also less expensive than renting an office in the city. Office rent in Singapore can range from $2 to $16 per square foot, so having a registered address can help you qualify for the best rates.

Registering a business in Singapore involves registering a local address with the ACRA. This address is the location of the company’s registered office, and must be open to the public at least three hours per day. If you have a home-based business, you may not be able to afford renting a physical office. Instead, you can consider signing up for a virtual address service.

It’s expensive

When you incorporate your company in Singapore, you will need to use a registered address. This is a physical place that you can visit during normal business hours. It is also where the government sends notices and communications to your company. Moreover, your bank will send you correspondences to this address. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to register an address in Singapore, you can use your home address instead.

However, if you’re running a local or foreign business in Singapore, a registered address is important. Your business’ location matters a lot when you’re inviting investors and potential customers to visit your office. You don’t want your office in a remote industrial park, where it’s difficult to reach or convenient for visitors. Ideally, you’d want to have your registered office near a prominent landmark, where your potential customers can easily reach you.

It’s convenient

A registered address is an essential part of a company’s legal structure in Singapore. It is the place where all official correspondence from government bodies is sent and where the public can visit the company. It is also the location where bank correspondence is sent. Using a registered address service is an easy way to meet these requirements. The service costs $240 for a year and there are no hidden charges.

A registered address service is ideal for international companies seeking to establish a presence in Singapore. This service can provide a company with a local address and help with incorporation. It can also provide mail receiving and forwarding services and a phone line.