A Registered Address Service in Singapore

registered address service in singapore

A registered address service in Singapore will provide your company with a professional mailing address. The registered address you use should be different from your company’s P.O. box address. Some registered address service providers will even forward your mail to another address when you change addresses. If you are looking for a low cost registered address service in Singapore, Paciol is the service for you. In addition to this, Paciol also offers mail notification and forwarding services.

Virtual office

A virtual office registered address service in Singapore offers a variety of benefits to local and foreign businesses. A Singapore registered company is more likely to qualify for online payment gateways and other benefits, while a prestigious address makes it easier to attract new clients. For an annual fee of $240, this service is a cost-effective option for a registered office or business address. It also offers easy setup and no hidden fees.

Obtaining a Singapore registered office address is a mandatory step for any new Singapore company. This is because you must have a registered address if you plan to register your company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Furthermore, without a Singapore registered office address, it is impossible to sign contracts or register your company.


When you have a registered office in Singapore, you are legally required to keep a local address. This is because the location you choose must be accessible to the public five hours a day. Additionally, this address receives all government correspondence and notices. Your bank will also send correspondence to your registered office address. A registered office address can cost you anywhere from $2 to $16 per month.

Many companies in Singapore use a registered address service to keep track of incoming mail. This is important because they may receive important notifications or reminders regarding new policies or annual filing requirements. Registered office addresses are also useful for foreign business owners, as space is limited in Singapore and office rent is high.


Registered office addresses are crucial for businesses in Singapore, as all types of government entities will send correspondence to them. Whether it is a new government scheme or a reminder about an annual filing, it is essential to check your mail regularly. In addition, if you are a financial institution, you may need a registered office address, as the cost of office space in Singapore is extremely high.

When choosing a location for your registered office, you must be sure that the address is near a landmark that attracts customers and is convenient for visitors. This is particularly important if you plan on inviting potential investors and customers to your office. If your office is located in an industrial park, visitors will find it difficult to find you. Also, if you plan to meet potential customers and investors in person, make sure you choose an address close to a famous landmark.


If you want to have an office in Singapore, it is important that you have a registered address. This is important for both foreign and local business owners. Your registered address is often used to receive important mail, such as notifications of a new government scheme or an annual filing. Having a registered office can also help you establish your credibility within the business community.

A registered address is required by law to register a business in Singapore. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) sets these requirements. Without a registered address, a business owner cannot conduct business in Singapore and cannot sign contracts.